hairs are clipped or shaved in an area of the scalp and consecutive photographs taken over a period of 3 to 5 days to determine the pattern of hair growth.

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Before recommending or performing a hair restoration procedure, a hair restoration doctor will conduct a scalp examination to determine the cause of hair loss. If the examination indicates that hair loss may be due to a condition other than male or female pattern baldness, the physician will seek the cause with other diagnostic measures. In some cases an underlying condition may have to be treated before hair restoration is undertaken.

A hair pull is a diagnostic procedure used in virtually every patient with a complaint of unexplained hair loss, to assess the presence or absence of any abnormalities in the hair growth cycle. About 25 to 50 hairs are removed from the scalp by a series of gentle hair pulls. Normally only a few hairs are dislodged with each pull. When more are removed the possibility of an abnormality of hair growth cycling is indicated; the ends of the pulled-out hairs may be examined under a microscope to evaluate the condition of the hair shaft and the bulb (the end of the hair shaft extracted from the hair follicle).
Variations of the hair pull are the phototrichogram and hair window:

Phototrichogramβ€”Β hairs are clipped or shaved in an area of the scalp and consecutive photographs taken over a period of 3 to 5 days to determine the pattern of hair growth.
Hair windowβ€”Β hairs are clipped or shaved in an area of the scalp and hair growth is evaluated over the next 3 to 30 days.
Abnormalities of hair growth cycling is a relatively uncommon cause of hair loss but may occur at any age. Underlying causes of these abnormalities include thyroid hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, side effects of certain drugs, anemia and other systemic illness, and psychological stress.

A biopsy of the scalp is usually performed only if additional information is needed to evaluate the mechanism of hair loss inside the hair follicle. Biopsy is not necessary in the great majority of patients evaluated for hair loss and hair restoration.
If a hair shaft abnormality or infection is suspected, the hair shafts removed from the scalp by hair pull are examined under a microscope. Hair shaft abnormalities and fungal, bacterial or viral infection can be responsible for hair loss associated with hair breakage, hair shedding and hair that is unruly.

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When a patient comes in after massive weight loss, they end up with a lot of extra skin, and it ends up hanging due to the loss of tissue elasticity.
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Breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, age, and other normal processes take an inevitable toll on the breasts.
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Breast implants come in many different sizes, allowing patients to choose how much to augment their breasts.
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Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a treatment for sagging eyelids. Eye bags, as they are often called, give an impression of fatigue and age.
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There are a variety of breast reduction techniques, commonly performed under conscious sedation, that allow doctors to excise excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue from the breasts.
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Buttock Augmentation & Brazilian butt lift in Chandigarh Mohali.

A buttock augmentation with fat injection (Brazilian butt lift) is a type of butt augmentation procedure that results in youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile.
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Lips define a person’s smile. When lips are thinned due to age or genetics, self-confidence is quickly diminished. Safe injectable fillers and Permalip implants are easily the best way to reverse the signs of aging, or create a smile that you never had.
Cheek Augmentation / Implants

People who are born without prominent cheek bones often lack facial balance and definition. Cheek augmentation surgery can change the appearance of a person’s face easily and safely. This procedure is minimally invasive, quick, and effective.

Cosmetic surgeons can use multiple types of fillers to repair the various symptoms associated with facial aging. While aging is something we all do, but don’t necessarily want, filler injections provide patients a means to combat the clock and revive their once youthful look by alleviating wrinkles, folds and lines.

No matter how determined you are with your diet and exercise, excess fat in certain places sometimes just will not budge. These annoying budges can become a big source of frustration with hindering clothing options and fashion choices.

Hymenoplasty, a medical procedure that has sparked controversy recently, is a sort of β€œre-virginization” that is mostly in countries in the Middle East and Latin America. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, concerned about how this procedure is being marketed, has voiced its concern and its questionable ethical repercussions.

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