When a patient comes in after massive weight loss, they end up with a lot of extra skin, and it ends up hanging due to the loss of tissue elasticity.

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When a patient comes in after massive weight loss, they end up with a lot of extra skin, and it ends up hanging due to the loss of tissue elasticity.

For many people, weight loss is a success, but the excess skin, unfortunately, is still there. This procedure is best for patients who have had extreme weight loss either through surgery, diet, or exercise and have reached their maximum weight loss goal.

Depending on the patient’s age, size of the treated area, and how much excess skin needs to be removed, will determine the success of the procedure. Also, depending on the severity of a patient’s weight loss, it varies on how many procedures one will get. This procedure is going to enhance your new body and give you the results you want. Through time and healing, there should be dramatic changes to the body resulting in a happy, confident patient.

Body Contouring Techniques
Body contouring consists of several different techniques including:

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
In this circumstance, a Tummy Tuck would be necessary to remove unwanted, loose skin. After extreme weight loss, unsightly skin can lead to a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. By removing the excess skin, your new and improved toned body will no longer have to be hidden. This procedure should enhance a patient’s appearance, give them self-esteem, and boost their confidence.

Thigh Lift
After your weight loss your thighs become saggy and fatigued. This can cause pain and discomfort. With a thigh lift surgery, it is meant to get rid of unwanted fat on the thighs. This procedure will make your thighs much more attractive, and leave you with a more self assured feeling.
Post Bariatric patient is a good candidate for an arm lift (Brachioplasty). When the extra, shapeless skin is removed, a more youthful arm contour will be revealed. This procedure may result in moderate scarring; however, there will be dramatic improvements.
Face and Neck Lift
After major weight loss, the elasticity in your face stretches and becomes droopy. The face and neck lift will improve the look of facial skin.


Pregnancy, genetics, and major weight loss can wreak havoc on the abdomen, leaving excess skin, fat, stretch marks, loose muscle, and baggy tissue. Although diet, exercise, and time can help alleviate some of these symptoms, abdominoplasty is, by far, the fastest, most effective treatment.
Commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck,” we can remove that excess fat, repair damaged muscles, and tighten the fascia of the abdominal wall to recreate that young, smoother body you desire.
The procedure
Depending on the patient’s needs, an abdominoplasty procedure can take one to five hours. We offer varying degrees of surgery, from a partial to extended tummy tuck, that almost always involves an incision just above the pubic area, the tightening and removal of skin, and some liposuction.
The actual extent of the surgery is up to you, the patient, as we work to create a healthier, stronger-looking stomach.
The benefits
Complete abdominoplasty procedures tighten wrinkly, loose skin often related to multiple pregnancies, aging, or weight loss. Fat tissue is removed and abdominal muscle separation is repaired in a way that, no matter how many sit-ups or crunches you do, would never happen naturally. The abdominal area is transformed into a more youthful, stronger-looking belly.
Patients not only feel more comfortable with their bodies, they feel healthier as well. People once ashamed to hit the beach or wear tight-fitting clothing can again face the world with self-assured confidence.
If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office.
Buttock Implants Surgery
Your body’s shape and contour define your appearance. We don’t choose the bodies we are born with. We can only shape them to a certain degree with diet and exercise. Some health conditions, accidents, or a limited natural structure can stand in the way of achieving the body of your dreams.
Aesthetic body contouring implants are designed to make up for your natural limitations by giving you the body you deserve. Implants, often working in conjunction with body fat transfers, liposuction, and other procedures, can be used to enhance your biceps, calves, chest, and buttocks. Rapidly growing in popularity, this modernized procedure has worked wonders on the bodies and psyche of patients worldwide.
Butt Implant Procedure
Much like a breast enlargement but with stronger, leak-proof elastomer implants, buttock augmentation is a relatively simple procedure that generates astonishing results. The implants are inserted into the posterior region, normally just above the sitting area, with a small incision. By placing the implant in the upper part of the buttock, patients gain a curvier, eye-catching shape.
Buttock augmentation usually only requires local anesthesia, but sometimes intravenous sedation is given to relax the patient. The incision scar almost always heals so that it is barely visible within a year after surgery.
Buttock implants sculpt a trimmer, athletic butt that allows people to feel more comfortable with their bodies. Finally, patients can feel sexy when sporting a cocktail dress that clings to their new backside contours or tight jeans that show off the improved shape. Surgical augmentation of the buttocks cannot be imitated by even the most dedicated exercise and the self-esteem enhancement awarded by the new, improved backside is undeniable.
For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us.
Calf Augmentation
The curves of your body define the way that you present yourself to others and the way that you feel about your own body. The body you were born with may (or may not) have the curves and muscle tone that you want. Sometimes, damage from an accident or the effects of a physical illness may make it difficult to improve certain areas of your body solely by exercising.
Body contouring implants will alter the shape and size of various body parts including the chest, biceps, calves, and buttocks. These areas can be augmented by individual implants or in combination with body fat transfers. The procedures that are right for your body will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Vikramjeet Singh Dhingra.
Calf augmentation surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the placement of a body contouring implant beneath the skin. This procedure can often be performed with a local anesthetic, though some patients may opt for general anesthesia. The entire calf augmentation procedure generally takes approximately one hour to complete. Most patients can resume regular activities within one week of surgery.
The benefits of calf augmentation surgery include shapelier legs and calves with desirable contours. This surgical procedure is ideal for any person including those who suffer from a skeletal malformation, a central nervous system illness, or a neuromuscular condition.
Patients who undergo calf augmentation frequently find that self-confidence and self-satisfaction are instantly gained following this procedure. In addition, body balance and an enhanced appearance are added benefits that calf augmentation patients enjoy.
Please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation.
Wanting to achieve the same look as movie stars, male models, and body builders, men can spend hours in the gym trying to tone their pectoral muscles with very little result. Nothing gets the job done as quickly or effectively as a pectoral augmentation — a cosmetic surgical procedure that is rapidly growing in popularity.
Body contouring implants are designed to make up for your natural limitations by giving you the body you desire. Implants, often working in conjunction with other procedures, can be used to enhance the muscles in your biceps, calves, chest, and buttocks. As men look to better their image to feel happier in tight T-shirts or with no shirt at all, modern medicine is producing amazing results.
The Procedure
After years of working out and dieting, sometimes men find it hard to develop that muscle tone and chest size they are trying to achieve. Pectoral implants, however, can quickly enhance a man’s chest in one quick procedure because the flexible, solid padding feels and looks like strong chest muscles. The implant is hidden behind the pectoral muscle, providing the needed padding to shape a stronger-looking chest.
Benefits of a Chest Augmentation
This effective form of male-oriented plastic surgery gives men a chance to show off a toned, well-developed chest on the beach, at the gym, or anywhere else. Men who were once embarrassed by their undefined physique receive a boost to their pectoral muscles and self-confidence.

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